Undergraduate RTG workshop Information

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Dates: June 4-15, 2012
Location: UC Berkeley

This two week NSF-funded workshop will introduce advanced undergraduates to the field of geometric group theory. The target audience is upper-division undergraduate math majors. To participate, students should have taken at least one course in abstract algebra. Some exposure (at the upper division level) to geometry or topology is also desirable. Students who plan to attend this year's Park City Mathematics Institute are especially encouraged to attend.

We will meet for several hours each day, Monday-Friday. A more detailed schedule will be available at the beginning of the workshop.

The broad topic of the workshop will be geometric group theory, which roughly means that we will study the interaction of group theory with geometry and topology. Specific topics will include group actions on spaces, fundamental groups, different kinds of geometries, and various types of geometric models for groups, such as Cayley graphs, aspherical manifolds, and CAT(0) cube complexes. We will focus on many interesting examples of geometric phenomena that arise in group theory. To some extent the direction of the workshop will be influenced by the interests of the participants.

To apply: Send the following information via email to Aaron Abrams.

  • Your name, institution, and year you will graduate
  • List of upper division math courses you've taken
  • Brief statement (1 page maximum) about your interest in the workshop
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty member
  • We expect to cover the costs of all participants (including travel, lodging, and meals).