Aaron Abrams: press

Owing to the nature of the world we live in, my work on the lottery has received far more attention than any of my work in topology.

The lottery:
I wrote a paper with Skip Garibaldi that was published in the January, 2010, issue of the American Mathematical Monthly.

Our paper won the 2011 Lester R. Ford award, which is given by the MAA for approximately five "articles of expository excellence" each year.

Since then I have been approached by many many media outlets to comment on various aspects of lotteries. That's right: I am a lottery expert.

Here are some highlights:


Topology and robotics:
Several years ago, Rob Ghrist and I did some work on configuration spaces that brought some nice geometric and topological ideas to bear on certain problems in robotics. Our work caught the attention of science writer Dana Mackenzie, who profiled it in Science.

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