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 Dr. Jeffrey C. Barnett
Professor of Spanish  
Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Head


Spanish-American Courses I Teach

SPAN 240 - Survey Span-Am Lit  

SPAN 212 --
Span-Am Civ
SPAN 342 -- Contemporary Narrative
SPAN 396 -
Magic Realism
SPAN 398 -- Revinventing History
SPAN 350 --  The Cuban Story
LIT 295
LACS 101 - Latin Am / Caribb Studies

Other Courses 
I Teach

SPAN 161
SPAN 164
SPAN 211
SPAN 215
SPAN 295 -- Cinema
SPAN 295 -- Press
SPAN 202 -- Spain

Previous Courses 

Nobel Laureates
El encuentro entre 
dos culturas
The Columbian Quincentenary
Mexican Society and 
Its Literature
Advanced Spanish Language

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Dr. Jeffrey C. Barnett
Professor of Spanish
Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Program Head
Department of Romance Languages
Tucker Hall 202
Washington and Lee University
Lexington VA 24450

Email: barnettj@wlu.edu
Phone: (540) 458-8950
Fax: (540) 458-8315

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

W&L's newest interdisciplinary program, The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program allows students to explore the region through a variety of disciplines—including history, literature, economics, politics, and sociology. 

Students interested in completing the Minor or simply learning more about the region should enroll in LACS 101 (Intro to Latin America and Caribbean Studies) as early as possible.  LACS 101 counts towards the FDR HU requirement.  To learn more about the program, visit the Program and Course site

Current / Forthcoming Spanish-American Courses:

Other Courses I Teach:

Previous Courses:

  • SPAN 203: Advanced Spanish Language
  • SPAN 396:  The Nobel Laureates
  • SPAN 396: El encuentro entre dos culturas
  • UNIV SCHOLARS: The Columbian Quincentenary
  • SPAN 396:  Mexican Society and Its Literature
  • SPAN 403: Independent Study: Colonial Poetry

Research Interests:

Contemporary Spanish-American Narrative
Spanish-American Intellectual History and Cultural Studies
Mexican Studies
Caribbean literature and film, with emphasis on Cuba
Technology and Pedagogy

Curriculum Vitae:

Ph.D., University of Kentucky, Spanish American Literature
M.Ed., Sam Houston State University, Bilingual Education and History
B.A., Abilene Christian University, History 
B.A., Abilene Christian University, Spanish (and Universidad de Valencia)

VISTAS: A searchable database of Spanish-American images

My collection of photos as well as those contributed from my students led me to need a more systematic way of finding and cataloguing the images I use of Spanish-America in class.  With the technological help of Jeff Knudson at W&L, we created a database that allows you to sort slides in multiple categories.  As Editor of VISTAS: A searchable database of Spanish-American images, I vet images into categories intended for interdisciplinary Latin American studies.  (My Photo Galleries also include images but without any vetted details.)

My Technology Portfolio

A account of various pedagogical strategies and technological applications that I use in some of my courses, including Samples of Student Projects and Featured Pages that I've created for specific needs in class 

Technology in my courses:

A account of various pedagogical strategies and technological applications that I use in some of my courses,

Student Projects:

A listing of sample projects created by my students for Spanish-American civilization, culture, and literature courses. Among others, projects include: Literary timelines, Web Journals, Research Portfolios, News summaries, and others.

Some of my Featured Pages:

Photo Galleries:

A quick and easy way to access my photo galleries. For a more thorough search of images, go to Barnett's Vistas: Database of Spanish-American Images.

Once on the gallery page, click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image or use the arrow keys to move forward and backward in the index.

Letter of Recommendation Request:

Good recommendations come from faculty who know you and your work thoroughly and who can speak to the qualities that distinguish you from other students. Enthusiasm, interest in relevant subject matter beyond the classroom, willingness to do more than what is simply required, are examples of the characteristics that we hope to find in our majors.... (from the Spanish Division Homepage, The Major)

Click here to request a letter of recommendation. Sorry, I don't write letters without the following information provided on the form.

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