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"Lista de Espera"
(The Waiting List)

Director: Juan Carlos Tabío


This social comedy takes place in a bus station from which no-one can leave because there are no longer any buses running: an allegory, perhaps, of Cuba’s recent history.


"La Vida es Silbar"
(Life is a Whistle) 

Director: Fernando Perez
...110 mins

A portrait of contemporary Cuba that weaves together three comic stories about Julia, a social worker, Elpido who lives by his wits and Mariana, a ballet dancer. An affirmative film which sighs over rather than attacks Cuba’s unfinished Revolution.

Currently not in Leyburn Library 




Director: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
and Juan Carlos Tabío
...101 mins.


Not available yet in Leyburn



In this romantic comedy, Yoyita, a world-famous diva, returns to her home town of Guantanamo for an elegant reception and a surprise reunion with her once beloved, Candido. Overjoyed with the rekindled memories of her first love, Yoyita's elated heart fizzles while in Candido's embrace. Joining Yoyita's funeral procession back to Havana are her sexy niece Gina, a former professor blacklisted for political nonconformity, and her husband Adolfo, a tasteless government official in charge of the funeral proceedings. As the cortege wends westward across Cuba, its path keeps crossing that of Mariano, a gallant truck driver who once had a crush on Gina and whose recurring presence crystallizes her doubts about her marriage


"Fresa y Chocolate"
(Strawberry and Chocolate)


Director: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
 and Juan Carlos Tabío
...104 minutes


Diego--a cultured and marginalized homosexual, who loves his country and its traditions--meets and falls in love with David, a young university student full of prejudices and communist doctrinary ideas.


"El bohío"
(The Hut)


Director: Mario Rivas
...10 mins.

Not available in Leyburn

Through the image of a "bohio" (small hut) the animation makes reference to crucial moments in the history of Cuba, such as colonization, independence war, American intervention, false Republic and Revolution.


"Se permuta"
(House for Swap)

Director: Juan Carlos Tabío
...105 mins.

Not available in Leyburn

Gloria, Yolanda's mother, exchanges their old house in Guanabacoa for a modern apartment in Vedado to keep Yolanda away from her boyfriend, but her plans soon backfire.


"Hasta cierto punto"
(Up to a Certain Point)

Director: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
...70 mins.

This clever self-reflexive satire about the battle of the sexes in contemporary Cuba tells the story of an educated, liberal filmmaker who, in doing research for a film about the social problem of machismo in Cuban society, finds himself falling in love with the sexy, liberated Lina, a pioneering female dockworker


"Vampiros en la Habana"
(Vampires in Havana) 

Director: Juan Peron
... 75mins

Not available in Leyburn

When Count Dracula arrives in Havana to carry out his experiments he is threatened by the Mafia Vampires from Chicago. This satiric cartoon is set in Revolutionary Havana.


"Retrato de Teresa"
(Portrait of Teresa)

Director: Pastor Vega
...103 mins b/w

Havana housewife and mother, textile worker and social organizer attempts to balance these demands despite a marked lack of co-operation from her Cuban male comrades.


"La última cena"
(The Last Supper)

Director: Tomas Gutierrez Alea
...112 mins.

A slaveowner in the late 18th century decides to instruct his slaves in the tenets of Christianity by inviting twelve of them to a reenactment of the Last Supper



The love stories of three women called Lucia, in 1985, 1932 and sometime in the 60’s, illustrates what happens when sexual and political oppression are challenged. One of Cuba’s finest films depicting three stages in Cuba’s struggle for liberation. With brilliant camera work by Jorge Herrara


Director: Humberto Solas
...106mins b/w





"Memorias  del subdesarrollo"
  (Inconsolable Memories)

Director: Tomas Gutierrez Alea
...97 mins. b/w


A study of Cuban society before and after the revolution as seen through the eyes of a man who is a landlord and self-styled writer.  Based on the award-winning novel by Eduardo Desnoes.


"Muerte de un burócrata"
  (Death of a Bureaucrat)

Director: Tomas Gutierrez Alea
...85 mins. b/w


The widow of a heroic factory worker fails to obtain her pension because her husband’s union card is buried in his coffin. A black comedy about institutionalised bureaucracy in which the laughs come from a sense of absurdity rather than outright criticism of Castro’s regime.


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