All meetings 12:00 1:00 pm in Huntley Room 201 unless otherwise noted. 


29 April                      Martin Davies, A Simple Model of Offshoring with Transport, and Communication and Coordination Costs

Joseph Guse, Cheap Threats: (preliminary) experimental evidence on the effect of cheap talk in a peer-punishment game


6 May                          Greg Holyk, Robin Hood or Robber Baron? Economic Inequality and Federal Spending Patterns in the U.S.


13 May                        Peter Grajzl, Imposing Conformity in Social Groups with Conformist Members

                                    Alan Macro, Patents and _______


18 May                        Michael Anderson,  Price Dispersion and Ethnic Networks

Art Goldsmith, Tim Diette, Segregated Schools, Mixed Race Schools and Life Outcomes for African Americans: Did W.E.B. DuBois Have it Right?



Convenor:  Martin Davies,