All in Huntley 220 at 4:00 on Fridays, unless noted otherwise.


Oct. 9th            Joseph Guse, Zombies, Dead Horses, and Dirty Judges:


Oct. 23rd             Martin Davies, Costly Technology Transfer in a Ricardian World


Nov. 6th           Peter Grajzl, A Property Rights Approach to Legislative Delegation


Nov. 9th           Richard Freeman, Harvard University, Profit Sharing on the Part of Firms and the Behavioral Response of Workers  

Chavis Boardroom, 11:00 am            


Nov. 13th         Niels-Hugo Blunch, Stairway to Heaven? Religion and Human Capital in Ghana                   


Nov. 18th         Martin Davies, Teaching Economics with the Tutorial Method

(Wed., 4:30-5:00,     (A digression on teaching) 

Room 324)           


Nov. 20th         Michael Anderson, Networks and Price Arbitrage


Dec. 4th           Giandomenico Sarolli, Can you fire your broker? Asset trading and incomplete markets