Thursday meetings 12:20 – 1.20 pm in Huntley Room 220, unless otherwise noted

Friday meetings 4:00 – 5:00 pm in Huntley Room 324, unless otherwise noted.                                                                             . 


Friday 24 October                  Mike Smika

                                                Can Kan?


Friday 1 October                    Martin Davies,

Technology Transfer and North-South Trade


Thursday 7 October                George Kester

A U.S. Stock Market Prediction Model that Beats the S&P 500 Index


Thursday 21 October              Martin Davies,

Offshoring with Non-homothetic Preferences


Thursday 28 October              Ayse Zarakol,

Rethinking the role of class and religion in democratization           


Friday 5 November                Charles Thomas, Clemson University,

Equilibrium Behavior in a Model of Multilateral Negotiations

(Note: seminar will be held in Hu 327)


Thursday 18 November          Claus Pörtner, University of Washington,

                                                Sex Selective Abortions, Fertility and Birth Spacing


Convenor: Martin Davies (