Thursday meetings 12:20 – 1.20 pm in Huntley Room 220, unless otherwise noted

Friday meetings 4:00 – 5:00 pm in Huntley Room 324, unless otherwise noted.     



Tuesday 11 January                            Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl, Court Output, Judicial Staffing, and the Demand for Court Services: Evidence from Slovenian Courts of First Instance



Thursday 20 January                           Shari Eli, UC Berkeley, Wealth is Health: Pensions and Disease Onset in the Gilded Age


Friday 21 January                                Kara Mitchell, University of Tennessee, Gambling for Good: Evidence from the Tennessee Education Lottery


Tuesday 25 January                             Shikha Basnet, University of Pittsburgh, The War Disease: A Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Political Violence


Thursday 27 January                           Katharine Shester, Vanderbilt University, The Local Economic Effects of Public Housing in the United States, 1940-1970                  


Friday 28 January                                Ashley Hodgson, UC Berkeley, Does Medicare’s DRG system discourage investment in therapeutic technology for illnesses common among the elderly?


Friday 18 February                             Tim Diette & Art Goldsmith, Facing Sexual Assault as a Youth: Are There Educational Scars?


Thursday 10 March                             David Figlio, Northwestern University, Competitive effects of means-tested school voucher

10:05 in Huntley 327                        


Friday 11 March                                 David Bevan, Oxford University, Fiscal policy design, with particular reference to developing countries

4:00 in Huntley 327                            Glyn International Visiting Scholar Williams School Lecture

                                                            (followed by drinks reception in Alumni House, 5:15 pm)


Friday 18 March                                 Peter Grajzl, Information Sharing and the Volume of Private Credit in Transition: Evidence from Ukrainian Bank-Level Panel Data


Friday 25 March                                 Jeanette Barbieri, Hollins University, Disastrous Documentaries:  Chinese Indie Takes on the State Response to the Wechuan Earthquake


Friday 1 April                                     David Bevan, Oxford University, More on the limits to redistribution


Wednesday 6 April                             David Bevan, Oxford University, Accounting for the Future

Northern Auditorium, 4:30-5:30 pm    Glyn International Visiting Scholar University Lecture

                                                            (followed by drinks reception in Alumni House, 5:40 pm)


Friday 8 April                                     Martin Davies, Component Offshoring in the H-O-S Model: a general equilibrium approach


Convenor:  Martin Davies,