Introduction To Discrete Mathematics
By Wayne Dymacek and Henry Sharp, Jr., retired,
both of Washington and Lee University

McGraw-Hill, 1998 • 690 pages • hardcover • ISBN 0-07-018566-2

Written in an informal and converstional writing stlye, Introduction To Discrete Mathematics is the perfect text for your one- or two- term introductory course. Authors Wayne Dymacek and Henry Sharp employ a spiral approach to the presentation of ideas to refrain from introducing new definitions, concepts, or extentions, until they become critical to the understanding of current material. Beginning with very simple results and techniques, the material progresses in a gentle upward spiral of difficulty toward significant problem- solving and teorem-proving capability. The text also provides excellent flexiblity. It accomodates variations in student prepartion and ablity, as well as variations in course design, by includeing special discussions called "Complements" and a number if challenging problems in most problem sets for more advanced and highly motivated students.

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