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Electrical Circuits Fall 2017

Engn/Phys 207(L)

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Syllabus and Course Policies
Course Calendar: Topics Covered by Day [updated 10 Nov 2017]


Pdf lab manual Due Date
Lab Rubric used all term long
Lab 1: DC Circuits and Measurement Techniques 21 Sep
Lab 2: Wheatstone bridge for environmental monitoring 28 Sep
Lab 3: RC filters in biomedical applications 12 Oct
Lab 4: LC resonance and diodes: guts of an AM radio 26 Oct
Lab 5: Op-amps and AM radio design
    Op-amp TL082 datasheet [.pdf]
    Diode 1N4148 datasheet [.pdf]
02 Nov
Lab X: Practical stuff: learn to solder and schematic layout editors 09 Nov

Problem Sets and Solutions

Problems Due Date Solutions
Prob Set 1 19 Sep Soln 1
Prob Set 2 26 Sep Soln 2
Prob Set 3
    Dolphin Clicks with Boat Noise[.wav]
    Dolphin Clicks [.wav]
    Chopin 235 Hz [.mp3]
17 Oct Soln 3
Prob Set 4 27 Oct Soln 4
Prob Set 5 (Extra Credit!) 10 Nov, end of business Soln 5

Supplementary Material

useful stuff posted here throughout term

  1. General Advice and Free Software Tools for Drawing Circuit Schematics [.pdf]
  2. Nodal Analysis: MATLAB primer [.html]   and Transistor Amp Solution [.pdf]   with matlab code [.html]
  3. First pass at a Low Pass Filter: In-class exercise [.pdf]
  4. Filter and Phasors: MATLAB primer [.html]   and Transistor Amp Solution [.pdf]   with matlab code [.html]
  5. Phasors and Filters slides from class: [.pptx]
  6. Phasors and Filters mathy review: [.pdf]
  7. Matlab code for comparing time domain signals: [.m]
  8. Matlab code for computing filter frequency response and overlaying data points: [.html]
  9. Transformers and Inductors slides from class [.pptx]
  10. Op-amps slides from class [.pptx]
  11. Intro Semiconductors [.pptx]

Design Projects