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Electrical Circuits Fall 2017

Engn/Phys 207(L)

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Syllabus and Course Policies
Course Calendar: Topics Covered by Day [updated 04 Dec 2017]


Pdf lab manual Due Date
Lab Rubric used all term long
Lab 1: DC Circuits and Measurement Techniques 21 Sep
Lab 2: Wheatstone bridge for environmental monitoring 28 Sep
Lab 3: RC filters in biomedical applications 12 Oct
Lab 4: LC resonance and diodes: guts of an AM radio 26 Oct
Lab 5: Op-amps and AM radio design
    Op-amp TL082 datasheet [.pdf]
    Diode 1N4148 datasheet [.pdf]
02 Nov
Lab X: Practical stuff: learn to solder and schematic layout editors 09 Nov

Problem Sets and Solutions

Supplementary Material

useful stuff posted here throughout term

  1. General Advice and Free Software Tools for Drawing Circuit Schematics [.pdf]
  2. Nodal Analysis: MATLAB primer [.html]   and Transistor Amp Solution [.pdf]   with matlab code [.html]
  3. First pass at a Low Pass Filter: In-class exercise [.pdf]
  4. Filter and Phasors: MATLAB primer [.html]   and Transistor Amp Solution [.pdf]   with matlab code [.html]
  5. Phasors and Filters slides from class: [.pptx]
  6. Phasors and Filters mathy review: [.pdf]
  7. Matlab code for comparing time domain signals: [.m]
  8. Matlab code for computing filter frequency response and overlaying data points: [.html]
  9. Transformers and Inductors slides from class [.pptx]
  10. Op-amps slides from class [.pptx]
  11. Intro Semiconductors [.pptx]
  12. Arduino Intro [.pptx]

Design Projects