English 299. Thomas Hardy, Novelist and Poet
winter term 2007

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A reading of selected poetry by Thomas Hardy and close study of his fiction. High Victorian realistic novelist and skeptical modern poet, Hardy bridges literary periods and generic categories. Hardy classified his own novels in the categories of “Novels of Character and Environment,” “Romances and Fantasies,” and “Novels of Ingenuity”; we will read examples of each kind, as well as lyric and narrative poetry from throughout his career. The course emphasizes the process of writing a research paper in stages; a sequence of writing assignments will culminate in a 3500-4000 word seminar paper. Receiving a grade of 59 or lower on the objective final examination results in an E grade, or conditional failure.  See the course catalog for details on removal of an E grade.

Required texts:

Thomas Hardy, Selected Poetry , ed. Samuel Hynes. Oxford World's Classics. ISBN: 0-19-283273-5
Thomas Hardy, Desperate Remedies. Oxford. 0-19-284070-3
Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbidge
Thomas Hardy, Two on a Tower. Oxford. 0-19-283641-2
Thomas Hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd. Oxford. 0-19-280149-X
Thomas Hardy, The Return of the Native. Oxford. 9-19-284072-X
Thomas Hardy, The Woodlanders. Oxford. 0-19-283504-1
Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Oxford. 0-19-284069-X
Thomas Hardy, Wessex Tales Oxford 0-19-283558-0
John Sutherland, So you think you know Thomas Hardy ? A Literary Quiz Book . Oxford. ISBN: 0-19-280443-X

Online Resources

Concordance of Hardy's work: Nagoya
Dictionary of National Biography: Test. Go to Annie from a W&L networked computer and search for the title under Keywords. Find the electronic resource on the list. Connect. Click yes or continue on the certificate. Click in upper right corner on box that says "subscribers enter here." Use for Hardy's work and his contemporaries, searching by name. The DNB is a subscription service purchased by Leyburn and it is not hanging out for free on the internet.
Literature Compass. link to Annie page : a comprehensive journal in literary studies. This is where the Ralph Pite article appears.

Topical Links

What was phrenology? (Victorian pseudo-science)
What was mesmerism?
Emma poems in Slate


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