Getting Started with Python in the Computer Science Lab


You will use your Linux account in Parmly 405 to do your lab work.  You may use whatever OS you like outside of this lab.


To start Linux if MacOS is running

Select Shut Down and Restart (Linux will come up automatically).


To login to your Linux account

Enter your username and press Enter, then enter your password and press Enter.


To change your Linux password

From the command (F) menu select System/Preferences/About Me and follow the instructions.


To start PythonÕs IDLE

Navigate to the folder that contains your Python code files. Right-click on the desktop and select Open in Terminal, then type idle3 and press Enter.


To start a Python shell

In a temrinal window, type python3 and press Enter.




Do not attempt to start IDLE or run a Python script by double-clicking on the script file.  If you do, that will launch gedit, which is not the application you use to edit Python script files.