Terminal Input





The input function displays its argument as a prompt and waits for input.  When the user presses the Enter or Return key, the function returns a string representing the input text.  The programmer then either leaves the string alone or converts it to the type of data that it represents (such as an integer).



Input a line of text as a string:


name = input("Enter your name: ")


Input an integer:


age = int(input("Enter your age: "))



The Scanner class is used for the input of text and numeric data from the keyboard.  The programmer instantiates a Scanner and uses the appropriate methods for each type of data being input.


Create a Scanner object attached to the keyboard:


Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.in);


Input a line of text as a string:


String s = keyboard.nextLine("Enter your name: ");


Input an integer:


int i = keyboard.nextInt("Enter your age: ");


Input a double:


double d = keyboard.nextDouble("Enter your wage: ");


Caution: using the same scanner to input strings after numbers can result in logic errors.  Thus, it is best to use separate scanner objects for numbers and text.