Simon D. Levy

  Associate Professor
  Computer Science Department
  Parmly Hall (Science Center )407B
  Washington and Lee University
  Lexington, Virginia

Faculty Adviser to W&L Hillel   and   Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

Affiliate, W&L Neuroscience Program

Current course: CSCI 312 Programming Language Design

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Kalman Filter Interactive Tutorial

As their song crescendoed I had the sudden conviction that the world, which I had considered the province of meaningless chances, a mad dance of atoms, was as orderly as the hexagons in the honeycombs I had just crushed into wax and that behind everything, from Helen's weaving to Circe's mountain to Scylla's death, was a subtle pattern, an order of the most compelling lucidity, but hidden from me, a code I could never crack.

— Zachary Mason, The Lost Books of the Odyssey


540-458-8255 (fax)

Simon D. Levy
Computer Science Department
407 Parmly Hall
Washington & Lee University
Lexington, Virginia 24450