ANTH 252: Language as History;
Indo-European Origins

Readings (in course packet)

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Vedic chants     Homer's Iliad

Guest Lecture

Dr. Timothy Lubin, Department of Religion, W&L. Monday 2 October Topic TBA.

Assessment #2 Question (due Friday 10 November)

  1. Describe the historical/comparative method to someone who is unfamiliar with scientific approaches to language, with an eye toward debunking some common misconceptions. What is wrong, for example, with the following claims?
  2. Investigate and describe a sound change not part of the readings (the name of the discoverer, the sounds involved).
  3. How did Europe's discovery of and interest in the Sanskrit language bear upon its conception of itself and its own history and destiny? What were the social and political reverberations of that interest?
Your answers don't have to be all text; I encourage you to make tables of sound changes where appropriate. It's okay to more or less copy a table from one of the readings, as long as you give the appropriate credit (book, article, Wikipedia, etc.).

Suggestions for Further Research