Department of Computer Science

Washington and Lee University

CS101 (Winter 2004): Survey of Computer Science

Course instructor: Prof. Simon Levy (Parmly 407B, x8419,

Office hours: MWThF 2-3PM, and by appointment.

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Textbook / Workbook

Invitation to Computer Science (G.M. Schneider, J.L Gersting)

Invitation to Computer Science: Laboratory Manual (K. Lambert, T. Whaley)

Course Requirements

TOPICS - click here for a tentative schedule of topics, including on-line notes.

SCORE HISTOGRAMS: Exam 1    Exam 2


  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar : Definitive essay on the Open Source movement.

  • Hackers and Painters : What is computer science really about?

  • Freedom of Speech in Software : Or, why there should be no software patents.