Problem Set #3

Module 5.2 Exercises: 2,3,5, p. 167. I highly recommend doing these in Excel. For the more complicated examples (radioactive carbon in 4, Gompertz in 5), the same growth formula applies: P(t) = P(t-Δt) + (growth)(Δt), but you will have a different way of computing growth than the (r)(P(t-Δt)) used in the simpler, more familiar examples.

Module 5.4 Exercises: 2,3,5, p. 186. Ditto. Don't worry about computing P2 for these; just use Runge-Kutta-4 to compute the four delta values, P1, and the relative error.

Module 6.2 Exercise: 1, p. 208. This is really just plugging some constants into some formulas, without actualy computing anything. Looking at Quick Review Question 3 and its answers (at the end of the module) will help with this.