Hint on Dicscussion 4.5: The relevant example for this one is the second example from the class notes: people(3).name = 'StrongBad'; people(3).IQ = 80; Don't use FIND or any other command; just show how you'd create a vector of structures like this, with a peron's name (maybe first name as well as last name, in separate components of the structure), and some reference to their parents. An obvious way to indicate someone's parents would be like this: people(1).firstname = 'Simon'; people(1).lastname = 'Levy'; people(1).mother_firstname = 'Linda'; people(1).mother_lastname = 'Levy'; people(1).father_firstname = 'Sam'; people(1).father_lastname = 'Levy'; people(2).firstname = 'Sam'; etc. But is this really an efficient and sensible way to store this information? Does it adhere to the "minimal repetition of information" principle I've discussed? What happens when you add a new person? Think about these questions, think about how lists are stored, and try and come up with a better answer. Hint: you still have to use lists of structures, but there is a more efficient way to indicate parents.