Lab #2 Instructions

Note: The online (sakai) copy of the textbook corrects some minor errors in the Chapter 3 exercises in the paperback. So you should use the online copy to do this lab.

Complete as many of these exercises as you can, focusing on quality rather than quantity. (Remember that you have until 11:59PM Friday to work on them, so there's no need to rush.) Any explanations required (like "visually reasonable" for E3.3) can be done in a sentence or two, below the plot.

As you did last week, you will copy/paste code and figures into a Libre Office Writer or MS Word document and export it as PDF for uploading to Sakai. This time, be sure to indicate the exercise that you are doing in each part of the writeup, using boldface:

Discussion 3.7


For a professional look, use Courier New font for your code.

Those of you who've studied programming before may be tempted to use conditionals ("if") or loops ("for") in some of these answers. You will get no credit if you do this. You should use the just the constructs to do this lab, without resorting to explicit conditionals or loops.