Computer Science 313
Theory of Computation

Assignment 1 - Chapter 1

Due Wednesday 22 January

Exercises 1.3, 1.4acefg

Note: There is a typo in older printings of the book. Exercise 1.4.e should specify {w | w starts with an a and has at most one b.}

If you're feeling ambitious (especially if you're ambitious about continuing in computer science) I encourage you to do this assignment and the rest of them in LaTex, the document-preparation system used by computer scientists, mathematicians, and others. If you're not interested in learning/using LaTex, then you can skip the next paragraph and just do your assignment in MSWord, using PowerPoint or another graphical tool to create your automata figures. Either way, make sure that you submit (by email) just a single PDF document containing your writeup.

For the LaTex approach, download and unzip this file. To get started, open question1.odp and export it as PDF. Then type make at the Linux command line to create the file ps0.pdf. You will rename and edit ps0.tex for each assignment, and modify the Makefile accordingly. You can use Open Office Impress, PowerPoint, or any other drawing program to create and edit figures, as long as you can export them as PDF.

Extra credit