Computer Science 318
Mobile Apps and the Internet of Things

Assignment 2: Your first Android app

Due Wednesday 28 September


  1. Be able to add new functionality to an existing app

  2. Know how add listeners (event handlers) to existing widgets

  3. Know how to use images (instead of text) for labeling buttons

What to do

For this assignment and future ones, we will work directly from the end-of-chapter challenges in the textbook. Read through the three Challenges on pp 53-56 of the textbook (Add a Listener to the TextView, Add a Previous Button, and From Button to ImageButton ), and implement them as instructed there. You will need to follow the step-by step directions in Chapter 2 to reach this point. So you should also have a nice icon for your app (p. 48).

For this and future challenges, you only need to submit a single, final version of the app. For example, the third challenge (convert button to image button) modifies the second challenge (add a Previous button), so I will be looking for the text-view listener and the image-button version from the third challenge, but not the intermedate version from the second challenge.

What to turn in

Zip up the root directory of your modified GeoQuiz app and submit the zipfile to sakai.