Here's one way to build an inexpensive, reconfigurable maze for robot projects:

The goal was to build a reconfigurable maze or pen for small robots, like Lego Mindstorms or Scribbler. The constraints were Our solution was to build the maze walls from brick paving stones ("pavers"), around 7x2x4" in size, and the floor from 2' x4' 1/4" oak plywood paneling. The bricks cost around 50 cents apiece from construction/masonry supply stores like ConRock, and the plywood comes in 4x8' sheets at around $24 each from hardware/lumber stores like Lowe's or Home Depot. (If you're not too worried about the smoothness or appearance of your floor, you can get 1/4" plywood for less than half that price.) Lowe's (and probably the other hardware/lumber stores) will cut the plywood down to 2x4' pieces for a very modest fee (first few cuts are free), allowing it to be transported and stored easily.

The main problem with this solution is that bricks are sharp-edged and gritty, and they shed flakes and dust. Our solution was to dust each brick off and wrap it in duct tape. The images below show a quick and efficient way of doing this, using ordinary (1.88") and extra-wide (2.82") DuckTape. Here is a breakdown of the estimated cost:

Item Quantity Cost Each Total
Paving bricks 110 $0.50 $55
2' x 4'x 1/4" oak plywood 2 $24 $48
Duct Tape, 2.82" x 60 yd 2 $10 $20
Duct Tape, 1.88" x 55 yd 2 $7 $14
Grand Total $137

Here are some photos:

Materials for cleaning/wrapping brick     Wrap edge with extra-wide duct tape     Cut tape with single-edge blade
Stand brick on end     Fold in edges     Lay flat to fold in other side
4 normal-width pieces cover sides     A finished brick The robot maze