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Note: The inclusion of links on this page does not necessarily imply that the views expressed therein are endorsed by either Dr. Lubin or Washington and Lee University. 
An attempt has been made to present a variety of points of view on controversial topics.

Religions Textual Study & Tools Historiography
News & Comment Law, Society & Politics Language & Culture
, The Asia Society, New York
  The WorldNews Network: Asia
  IIAS Newsletter Online
South Asia:
  Himal Southasian Magazine 
  Economic and Political Weekly
News Magazines:
  India Today
  Outlook India
  The Hindu (Madras)
  The Times of India (New Delhi)
  The Indian Express (New Delhi)
  The Statesman (Calcutta)
  The Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad)
  The Milli Gazette (Indo-Muslim newspaper)
News Services:
  Bharat Online News
  Kashmir Chronicle
  Good News India 
Radio and Television:
  BharatVani Hindi Radio & Television
  All India Radio
(Real Video 5.0 Player req.) 
  Star TV
  BBC News in Hindi / Urdu / Tamil / Bengali
  Deutsche Welle's Hindi News
  Voice of America Hindi Service

  Daily Pakistan News
  Dawn (Karachi)
  Friday Times
  Frontier Post
  Hi Pakistan
  The International News
  Jang-Group of Newspapers
  The Nation
  Pakistan Observer
  Pakistan Today
  Business Recorder
  Pakistan Link
News Services:
  News Network International
 Pakistan Forum
 IMRAN Group NeWWWs Services

Radio and Television: 
  Radio Pakistan
  Pakistan Television Corporation
  BBC World Service in Urdu
Sri Lanka: 
News Magazines:
  Lanka Chronicle
  Virakesari Illustrated Weekly
  The Island
  Daily News
  LankaWeb News
  Midweek Mirror
  Sunday Leader
  Sunday Times
  Sirasa 106.5 FM
  Shakthi  105.1 FM
  TNL 101.7 FM
  BBC World Service in Sinhala
  The Independent
  The Daily Star
  The New Nation
  The Bangladesh Daily
  The Bangladesh Observer
  Mayerdak: Human Rights News from Bangladesh
(including links to newspapers in Bengali)
Radio and Television:
  Online Bangla Radio
  Radio Bangladesh
  Kathmandu Post / Kantipur Online
  Nepal News
Radio and Television:
  Radio Nepal Online
  Radio Sagarmatha 102.4
  Sacred Valley, Shakti Radio, HBC94FM
  Kantipur FM 96.1
  BBC World Service in Nepali
  Bhutan News Online 

  Afghan Daily
  Omaid Weekly
News Servers: 
  Afghan Online Press
  Afghan News Network Services
  Afghan News Channel
  Azadi Afghan Radio
  Voice of Tibet
  Welcome to INDIA ABROAD
  International Indian Online
  Rediff on the Net (warning: Rediff spams its lists) 
Other Countries: 
  Worldwide Live Radio Links
  Worldlwide Live TV Links
  Links on Comparative Legal History
Premodern Law & Dharmaśāstra

  Bibliography of Hindu Law & Dharmaśāstra
  Dharmashastra (Alois Payer; in German)
  Hindu Law (a good Wikipedia entry)
  Course: 'Hindu Law in Theory and Practice' (WLU)
  Images of the S. Indian choultry and its offshoots:
    The choultry of South India  (image 1) (image 2)
    The kerta of Bali, Indonesia 

    The ambalama of Sri Lanka 
Modern Indian Law
  India: A Legal Research Guide (U. Wisc.)
  Constitution of India
    Constituent Assembly
    Constituent Assembly Debates (1946-50)
  Parliament of India
  India Code (Acts of Parliament since 1836)
  Judgments of the Courts
  Legislative Bodies in India
Social Issues & Groups:
  Ekta: A South Asian Progressive Network
  South Asia Citizen's Web
"The South Asia Citizen's Web is an independent space on the net to promote dialogue and information exchange between and about South Asian citizens initiatives.  The main rubrics on this site are - Civil Society, Peace, Democracy, Secularism, social movements, the women's movement, Environmental Campaigns, labour movement activism, human rights groups and campaigns, citizens action against communalism and religious fundamentalism, news, films, journals contents pages, research projects and book catalogues."

  Sabrang / Communalism Conflict
  Secular India
  South Asian Women's NETwork

  Indian Muslim Council
  South Asia Forum / Reproductive Health 
  Young India
  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and His People
  Dalitstan Organization 
  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
  Vishwa Hindu Parishad - Worldwide
  Human Rights Cong. for Bangladesh Minorities
  U.S. Commission on Internat'l Religious Freedom
Statistics & Official Data:
  Prime Minister's Office (GOI) 
  Indian Parliament (GOI)
  Census of India (GOI)
  External Affairs (GOI)
  Library of Congress Country Studies
  CIA World Factbook
  Indian Elections

Political Parties:
  Indian National Congress
  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
  Bajrang Dal /
  Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  Samajwadi Party
  Tamil Maanila Congress
  Ajeya Bharat Party
Military & Security Sites:
  Indian Military & Strategic Issues
  South Asia Terrorism Portal
  - South Asia Intelligence Review (SATP)

Non-Governmental Organizations:
  Centre for Science and Environment
  EC / UNFPA Initiative for Reproductive Health in Asia
  Crisisweb (International Crisis Group)

Language Links:
Indo-Iranian Group
  Hindi (North India / national language)
    Platts' Dictionary of Urdu & Classical Hindi (DSAL)
   N.H.Zide, A Premchand Reader (DSAL)
  Urdu (Indian Muslims and Pakistan)
    Urdu Poetry Archive
    Platts' Dictionary of Urdu & Classical Hindi (DSAL)
    C.F.Naim, Introductory Urdu, v. 1, v. 2 (DSAL)
    C.F.Naim, Readings in Urdu (DSAL)
  Bengali (N.E. India and Bangladesh)
    E.C.Dimock, Intro. to Bengali (DSAL)
    E.C.Dimock, Bengali Prose Reader (DSAL)
    Mahabharata in Bengali (use IExplorer)
    Ramayana in Bengali (use IExplorer)

  Tamil (South India) 

  Sanskrit (a classical Indian language)
    Ancient [Vedic] Sanskrit Online
Daily News in Sanskrit (All India Radio)
   SanskritPradipika: An e-Tutor  
    Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
    Apte Sanskrit Dictionary
    Cappeller's Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
    Buddhist Digital Library
   Stutimandal (poetry website) 
  Pali and Tibetan  (Buddhist languages)
    PTS Pali Dictionary (DSAL)

    Buddhist Digital Library

    Iranian Studies @ Harvard: P. O. Skjærvø 
    Old Iranian On-Line (Avestan Dictionary) 

 Indian English

    Hobson-Jobson: Glossary of Anglo-Indian Words


    Early Indo-European On-Line
      Winfred P. Lehmann - on-line books 

    Indo-European Etymological Dictionary (Leiden)

Regions and States:
  Clickable Map of Indian States: Rulers
India in General:
  Manas: India and Its Neighbors 
  Philip's Fil-ums (Phil Lutgendorf's reviews)
Hindi Films and Music Lyrics
  Washington Bangla Radio

  Arampur: The Virtual Village 
  Kashmiri Pandits
  Terrorism in Kashmir
  Maayboli: Marathi and Maharashtra
  Marathi Portal
  Tukaram (17th century Marathi poet)
  Orissa Research Programme
  The Epic of Pabuji
Tamil Nadu:
  Tamil Heritage Foundation 
Kolam: A Mirror of Tamil & Dravidian Culture
  Tamil Nadu on the WWW (Uni-Koeln)

Uttar Pradesh:
  Looking Behind Mud Walls: 
  The Village of Karimpur, 1925-1998
  Jwajalapa: Newar Culture 

  The Ricksha Arts of Bangladesh
  Mayerdak: Human Rights News from Bangladesh
  Silent Genocide: Chittagong Hill Tracts
  Pakistan Heritage Society
  Photographs of Pakistan
  Sindh Today 
  Nuristan Site (Richard Strand) 
  Afghanistan, the Taliban, and the US (Berkeley)
  Afghanpedia / Sabawoon Online
  Institute for Afghan Studies

The Arts of South Asia
  Indian Classical Music
  The Huntington Archive of Buddhist & Related Art

Phoolan Devi, Bandit Queen 


Religions Textual Study Historiography
On the Academic Study of Religion:
  "Why Study Religion?" (AAR)

  "Studying Religion" (NAASR) 

Hindu Sites: 
  Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion
  Perspectives on Hinduism - 19th c. (F. Pritchett)

Stories of Krishna (Seattle Art Museum)
  Devi: The Great Goddess (Smithsonian site)
  2001 Durga Puja from
  Ganesh Utsav (Festival)
  The Ramayana Project
  Ramayana Comic Books
  Jagannath in the Legends
  Murugan Bhakti
  Kumbh Mela (Gathering of Ascetics)
  Vishwa Madhva Sangha (Madhva Advaita)  The Dvaita page (Dualist Theology)
  Gayatri Pariwar
  Swadhyay Parivar
  Arya Samaj
  Brahma Kumaris
  ISKCON (Hare Krishnas) 
  Hare Krishnas / Bhaktivedanta Book Trust 
  Sanatan Sanstha for Scientific Spirituality
  The Ramakrishna Mission
  Sadhu Vaswani Mission
  Theosophical Society
  Hindu Calendar

Hindu Temples in India:
  Dakshinamnaya Sri Sringeri Sarada Peetham
  Sringeri Sarada Peetham Info (Sundaresan)
  Mahishamardini Temple, Kadiyali, Udupi
  Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi
  Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi (2)
  Minakshi Temple, Madurai
  Sringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation
  Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Home Page
  Siddhi Vinayak Ganapati Temple, Bombay
  Akshardham, Gandhinagar (Swaminarayan) 
Selected Temples in the USA:
  Shantiniketan Temple, Roanoke, Va.
  LOTUS Shrine, Yogaville, Va.
  Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Md. (DC area)
  Rajdhani Mandir, Washington, DC
  Durga Temple, Fairfax, Va. (DC area)
  Murugan Temple, Lanham, Md. (DC area)
  Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati
Devasthanam, NYC
  Sri Meenakshi Devasthanam, Houston
  Shri Ganesh Temple, Nashville, Tenn.
  Sri Rajarajeswari Peetam, Rochester, NY
  Sri Venkateswara Temple, Aurora, Ill.
  Larger Directories:
  Temples On-Line (U.S. & Canada) 
  Hindu Temples Reference Center (VHP)

Buddhist Sites: 
  Access to Insight: Theravada Texts
  Digital Dictionary of Buddhism

  Buddhist Digital Library and Museum
  Sparsabhumi (ANU)
  Buddhism on the Silk Road
  Tibetan Buddhism (Gov't of Tibet in Exile) 
  The Black Hat Lama of Tibet
  Yogacara Buddhism Research Assoc.
  Buddhist Studies WWW VL
  Global Resources in Buddhist Studies
  near Lexington:
  Bodhi Path Buddhist Center (Natural Bridge)
  Dharmapala Buddhist Center (Roanoke)

  Other Virginia Centers and Temples

Islamic Sites:
  Muslims Respond to the WTC Attack
  Indian Muslim Council
  Islamic Studies (Alan Godlas website)
  Islam in SE Asia / Susan Russell
  Links to Islamic Organizations (Amir Hussain)
  Abdul-Wahid Islamic Web Site
  Islamic Voice
  Living Islam
  Muslim India Journal
  The Milli Gazette
  Dargah of Kwaja Gharibnawaz

  near Lexington:

  Kufa Center for Islamic Knowldege, Roanoke

Sikh Sites:
  SIKHNET: The Sikhism Network for Sikhs
  Sikhism, thy name is love and sacrifice
  Golden Temple
     Virtual Tour of the Golden Temple
     Harmandir Sahib
  Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council
  Yatra Sri Hemkunt Sahib Web Site
  Institute of Sikh Studies

Jain Sites:
  Jain Festivals
  Jain Temples and Centers in the West

Parsi (Zoroastrian) Sites:
  Avesta: Zoroastrian Archives
  Traditional Zoroastrianism
  FEZANA (Fed. of Zor. Associations)

Christian Missions:
  Presbyterian Church Foreign Missions Office

New Religions:
  Center for Studies on New Religions
  The Religious Movements Page


Resource Collections: 
S. Asia Resource Access on the Internet (Columbia)
Asian Studies Network Information Center (Austin)
  Digital South Asia Library (U. Chicago)
  Electronic Resources for South Asia (Berkeley)
  Univ. of Virginia Library South Asia Resources
  Asia WWW Virtual Library
  Indology Homepage

Digital Texts:
  Indology (London)
  Text Encoding Initiative Home Page
(Göttingen Register of Electr. Texts in Ind. Langs.)
        - GRETIL News 
  TITUS (Thesaurus Indogerm. Text- & Sprachmaterialien)
  Muneo Tokunaga's Site (Kyoto)
Osaka Site (Tulsidas, Patanjali, Kausikasutra)
  Rgveda (metrically restored)
Pali Canon 
Patanjali's Mahabhasya (Cardona)
  Gaudiya Grantha Mandira  
  Tamil Heritage Foundation 
  Indo-European Etymological Dictionary (Leiden)
  Sanskrit Documents List
  South Asia Microform Project
  Cologne Sanskrit, Tamil, Pahlavi Dictionaries
  Sri Sathya Sai Veda Pratishtan 

 Digitized Printed Works:
Peter Wyzlic's List of Digitized Indological Books 
  Gallica (Journal asiatique, BEFEO, et al. in PDF) | beta
sée (French journals)
  Google Books (full text PDF only) | Google Scholar 
  Muktabodha (KSTS, Devakottai editions)  
  Digital South Asia Library (Chicago)
  Internet Archive - Texts 
  Digital Library of India 

eBdb (Russia)

Manuscript Collections:
  IGNCA (Indira Gandhi Nat'l Ctr. Arts)
  Institut Français de Pondichéry
  Nepal-German Ms. Preservation Project
  Oriental and India Office Collections
  Research Inst. of Skt. Mss. & Bst. Lit. (Peking)
  Sarasvati Mahal Library, Tanjore
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
  SBB - Handschriftenabteilung

  Muktabodha (paper mss of IFP; Joglekar vaidika mss)  

Manuscriptology & Textual Analysis: 
  Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts
  Indoskript: Database of Indian Paleography
  International Dunhuang Project (British Library):
'Standards and Procedures for Manuscript Digitisation'
  Medieval Ms. Manual (CEU, Budapest) 

  Indian Philosophy (K. Potter)
  Asian Studies Bibliographies

Centers and Institutes:
  American Institute of Indian Studies
  International Institute for Asian Studies
  Institut Français de Pondichéry
  École Française d'Extrême-Orient /
  Centre de Sciences Humaines, Delhi
  U. Penn. South Asia Center
  Center for the Adv. Study of India, U. Penn.
  Südasien-Institut, Heidelberg
  Institut für Indologie und Tamilistik, Köln
  Nepal Research Centre (Kathmandu)  
  Center for the Adv. Study of Sanskrit, Pune
  Delhi Vedic Trust
  Oriental Institute, Thane
  Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute (Cochin) 
  Pondicherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture
  Recorded Sound Reference Center, LC

Scholars' Homepages:
  Gudrun Bühnemann
George Cardona / Patanjali Mahabhasya
  James L. Fitzgerald / "The Mahabharata"
  John R. Gardner / "Vedavid"
  J. Hanneder, W. Slaje / "Moksopaya Project"
  Gérard Huet  
  Jan Houben / "Veda and Vedic Ritual"
  Christophe Jaffrelot 
  Klaus Karttunen / "Orality vs Written Text"
  Saskia Kersenboom / "Parampara"
  Richard Lariviere: 1999 Gonda Lecture
  D. N. Lielukhine / Indian Epigraphy
  Patrick Olivelle
  Asko Parpola 
  Gregory Possehl
  Fran Pritchett /  Fran's Links Omnibus
  Alexis Sanderson 
  P. Oktor Skjærvø / Iranian Studies @ Harvard 
  John Smith
  Daniel Stender / RV+Sayana scan 
  McComas Taylor

  Volker Thewalt / "Felsbilder und Inschriften"  

  Gene R. Thursby
  Somadeva Vasudeva / etexts, software
  Susan Wadley / "Ramayana Project"
  Michael Witzel
  R.J. Zydenbos

Computing Tools:
  Using Unicode Fonts with Mac OSX 
  Indic Language Fonts (Luc Devroye)
  Fonts & Programs for Indologists (John Smith)

Archeology and Art History:
  Harappa: The Indus Valley Site 
  Afghanistan 1969-1974

  Kala Darshana: Exploring Indian Art History

  The Huntington Archive (OSU)

Historical Documents On-Line:

  Indian Epigraphy
  Inscriptions from N. Pakistan 
  South Indian Inscriptions (
  Rajasthani Diplomatic Reports
Some 50  documents from Rajasthan (dating from ca. 1695-1720). The documents contain reports sent by the ambassadors of the Jaipur/Amber-state to their rulers and give first-hand information on the events at the Mughal court.  Includes some basic information on the writing systems, paleography, etc.
  General Report on the Census of India, 1891
  British Library Online Newspaper Archive
  Indoskript: Database of South Asian Scripts

Data and Bibliographies:
  Rulers (worldwide, since 17th c.) (statistics on religions)

Comparative History:
  Alexander the Great on the Web - Tim Spalding 
  Warring States Project
  China/Greece Colloquium
  Ancient East Asia

Projects on Premodern South Asia
  Sanskrit Knowledge Systems on the Eve of Colonialism (1550-1750)

  Project South Asia 

Postcolonial Studies:
  Introduction to Postcolonial Studies
  Postcolonial & Postimperial Literature
  Post-Colonial News & Literary Studies
  Subaltern Studies Bibliography

  Life and Society in British India
  Culture and Power in Banaras (book)

Religious Missions:
  Presbyterian Church Foreign Missions Office

The Indo-Aryans and the Indus Valley Civilization Debate:  
  The Ancient Indus Valley (Omar Khan)
  IVC-Aryan Bibliography
  Parpola Supplement
  Indo-Aryan discussion: Hess summary
  Voice of India  (a Hindu nationalist site devoted to rejecting the scholarly consensus that Indo-Aryan culture was carried into South Asia in the 2nd millennium BCE; the view offered here is that Sanskrit language and culture is indigenous to India)

Romani ("Gypsy") Links:
  The Romani Project (Graz) 
The Romani Project (Manchester) 
  Patrin Web Journal
  Rroma Culture, Traditions, Issues
  Multikulti Broadcast in Romani

  Pancanga (figure dates in Indian eras)
  Timepiece: Hindu Festivals and Fasts

Scholarly Societies:

  American Academy of Religion
  N. American Assoc. for the Study of Religion
  International Assoc. for the History of Religions
  American Oriental Society
  International Assoc. of Sanskrit Studies
  Pali Text Society
  Association for Asian Studies
  Southern Europe Network of Asian Studies
  Asiatica Association
Assoc. for Study of Lang. in Prehistory

Electronic Journals:
  Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies
  International Journal of Tantric Studies
  Journal of Buddhist Ethics
  Journal of South Asia Women Studies
  Mother Tongue (ASLIP journal)
  Critical Asian Studies

Academic Humor

UBC (University of Bums on Seats)

The Postmodernism Generator: Communications from Elsewhere 

Exam Howlers (U.Cambr. overseas exams)



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