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Recitation of Kāvya Meters by Dr. H. V. Nagaraja Rao (ORI, Mysore), with anecdotes about Appayyadīkṣita

 Complete recording (24 mb)

 Texts for the first selections (not fully checked)


 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 1 in śārdūlavikrīḍita (250-500 kb each)
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 2 in śikhariṇī
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 3 in sragdharā
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 4 in śloka
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 5 in śikhariṇī
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 6 in śikhariṇī
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 7 in śārdūlavikrīḍita
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 14 in drutavilambita
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 19 in mālinī
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 32 in āryā
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 46 in upajāti
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 63 in upendravajrā
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 66 in śālinī
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 79 in vaṃśastha
 Bhartṛhari, Śatakatraya 81 in indravajrā
 Kālidāsa, Kumārasaṃbhava (1.1-3, 12 etc.) in upajāti (1.1 mb)
 Kālidāsa, Meghadūta 1.1-3, 5-7 in mandākrāntā (2.5 mb)
 Kālidāsa, Raghuvaṃśa 1.1-5, 8-10 in śloka (1.4 mb)
 “Various stanzas in rare meters” (1.6 mb)
 others selections (including the anecdotes) to come

Note on the Śatakatraya: The text and numbering of stanzas reflect that of the edition of D. D. Kosambi (Bombay, 1948).  A pleasing translation of this version of the text is found in Bhartrihari: Poems, translated by Barbara Stoler Miller (Columbia University Press, 1967).  I obtained this recording from Barbara Miller, who made it, so far as I know.

Further Popular Sanskrit Meters Recited by Vidvan H. V. Nagaraja Rao, edited by Nathan Levine.

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