Syllabus (Spring Term 2004)

Guide to Writing a Philosophy Paper



The Ethics of Killing: Problems at the Margins of Life (2002)






1. Individuals as Souls: Hylomorphism, Cartesian Souls and Division of Consciousness


2. Individuals as Human Organisms

(i) When does a human organism begin to exist?

(ii) Organisms, Embryos, and Corpses

(iii) Brain Transplantation

(iv) Dicephalic Twins


3. Individuals as Psychological Beings

(i) Identity vs. Rational Egoistic Concern

(ii) Beginning to Exist and Ceasing to Exist

(iii) "Pre-Persons" and "Post-Persons

(iv) Revision

(v) Replication and Egoistic Concern

(vi) Psychological Connectedness and Continuity


4. Individuals as Embodied Minds

(i) The Embodied Mind Account of Identity

(ii) The Basis of Egoistic Concern

(iii) Possible Divergences between Identity and Egoistic Concern

(iv) The Individuation of Minds

(v) MInd, Brain and Organism