Speakers funded by the Max and Sylvia Weinstein Memorial Fund

Davud R. Blumenthal, Jay and Leslie Cohen Professor of Judaic Studies, Emory University, on "Aliyah: the rebirth of Israel" by Salvador Dali, a suite of 25 lithographs commemorating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, January 23, 2017. 

Marc Bregman, Distinguised Professor of Jewish Studies, UNC Greensboro, "The Sacrifice of Isaac in Art and Jewish Legend," a lecture with slides, February 4, 2015

Erika Meitner, Graduate Fellow in Religion and Culture/Jewish Studies, Univ. of Virginia, "Comparing Jewish and Muslim Women's Literature," November 30, 2006.

Joanna Weinberg, Oxford Centre for Jewish Studies, Oriental Institute, Oxford University, "The Bible in Ancient Rabbinic Discourse:  a homily on persecution," October 6, 2005.

Rabbi Manes Kogan, Congregation Beth El, Roanoke, "The Joy of Talmud Study," January 25, 2005.

Kalman Bland, Duke University, ""Jewish Reactions to Islam in Medieval Spain," May 5, 2004. 

Elizabeth Shanks Alexander, University of Virginia, "The Art of Talmudic Debate: Introduction to a Classical Jewish Text," 
        October 7, 2002

Marc Lee Raphael, College of William and Mary, "Liberal Judaism in America:  reforming the reforms," March 6, 2002

Natalie Dohrmann, University of North Carolina, "The Roman Context of Early Rabbinic Law," May 4, 2000

Vanessa Ochs, University of Virginia, "Spirituality and Healing in Judaism," February 29, 2000

David Sorkin, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “The Beginnings of Jewish Modernity: Revisiting the Jewish 
        Enlightenment,” November 17, 1998

Lawrence Vogel, Connecticut College, "Jewish Philosophies After Heidegger: Levinas and Jonas on Responsibility," 
        October 12, 1998 (Civil Responsibility Symposium)

Edward Kaplan, Brandeis University, "Abraham Joshua Heschel: Mysticism and the Moral Life," November 10, 1997

Vladimir Sharov, Russian novelist, "Russia, the Bible, and the Jews," March 19, 1997

Arthur Waskow, author of Godwrestling--Round Two, "Healing America, Body and Soul," December 4, 1996

Ori Soltes, Director of the National Jewish Museum, Washington, D.C., "Between Two Worlds: Jewish Art and 
        Architecture in the Middle Ages," October 24, 1996

David Zeller, Yakar Institute, Jerusalem, “Dimensions of Consciousness in Everyday Life:  the perspectives of Jewish 
        mysticism and Transpersonal Psychology,” March 11, 1996 (co-sponsored by Robert W. Root Lectures)

Showing of "Schindler's List," Troubador Theater, April 21, 1995

Claudia Stevens, writer, singer, pianist, “An Evening with Madame F,” a work of theater with music, April 4, 1995 
        (Holocaust Memorial Day)

David Novak, University of Virginia, “The Idea of the Chosen People,” March 22, 1995

Gershon Winkler, songwriter and storyteller, “Madness in the Bible: a biblical psychology of people in conflict,” 
        January 29, 1990

Marc Ellis, author of Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation, “Beyond Innocence and Redemption:  
        Holocaust, Israel, and the Future of the Jewish People,” October 30, 1989

Eva Jospe, writer and translator, “All Real Life is Meeting: an introduction to the thought of Martin Buber,” 
        October 3, 1989.

Gershon Winkler, songwriter and storyteller, “Tall Tales and Short Stories: an hour of Jewish stories,” March 29, 1989

Fred Greenspahn, Judaic Studies Center, Univ. of Denver, “Is Judaism a Religion:  the problem of land in 
        biblical religion,” November 12, 1988

David Luchins, Touro College, “American Foreign Policy and Israel,” February 5, 1987

David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center, Washington, D.C., “Economic Justice: 
        a Jewish Perspective,” January 30, 1986

Speakers on Jewish topics funded by the Stanford Schewel Fund:
(not a complete list of Schewel speakers, because the fund also sponsors speakers on other topics)

Alan Segal, Barnard College, "Paul and Jewish Mysticism," March 9, 2000 (Eric Heiner Memorial Lecture)

Alvin Rosenfeld, Indiana University, “Anne Frank, the Holocaust, and the Rhetoric of Victimization,” March 15, 1999

Abdulaziz Sachedina, University of Virginia, “Law as a Bridge Between Muslims and Jews: Toward a Jewish-Muslim Dialogue,” March 27, 1997

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