Videorecordings on Islam in the Leyburn Library

Muhammad:  Legacy of a Prophet   (2002)   BP75 .M75 2002   "Three years in the making, the film takes viewers not only to ancient Middle Eastern sites where Muhammad's story unfolds, but into the homes, mosques, and workplaces of America's Muslims to discover the many ways in which they follow Muhammad's example."  Produced by Kikim Media and Unity Productions Foundation.  Narrated by Andre Braugher, directed by Michael Schwartz and Omar al-Qattan, original score by Martin Bresnick, created and produced by Alexander Kronemer and Michael Wolfe. (180 min.)

Islam, empire of faith (VHS)      BP50 .I755 2000 (2 tapes)     a Gardner Films production in association with PBS and Devillier Donegan Enterprises ; produced and directed by Robert Gardner, narrated by Ben Kingsley, 2000.  "Documents the rise and growth of Islam throughout the world, from the birth of Prophet Muhammad in the 6th century through the peak of the Ottoman Empire 1000 years later. Discusses the impact of Islamic civilization on world history and culture." (180 min.)

The Islam Project  (2002)  BP163 .I77 2002   Consisting of four segments entitled "The American Muslim experience" (24 min.)-- "Beliefs and practices" (16 min.) -- "Muhammad's example in action" (17 min.) -- "Women and Islam" (16 min.) excerpted from two PBS documentaries, "Muslims" (Frontline) and "Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet" (with some repetition).  These four video segments were prepared to facilitate discussions about contemporary Islam.

The Hajj: one American's pilgrimage to Mecca (DVD)  ABC News Nightline, 1997.   BP187.3 .H34 2004   "Michael Wolfe, an American Muslim, describes the experience of his pilgrimage to Mecca." (22 min.)

Inside Mecca.    (DVD)  BP187.3 .I57 2003  National Geographic Television & Film ; producer/director, Anisa Mehdi ; writers, Anisa Mahdi, John Bredar, 2003.  Narrator: Keith David; pilgrims: Fidelma O'Leary, Ismail Mahbob, Khalil Mandhlazi.  "Follows three Muslims from very different backgrounds as they embark on an epic five-day reaffirmation of faith and a quest for salvation ... the personal stories of the pilgrims and the mental preparation, physical strain and spiritual ecstasy they encounter on their pilgrimage of faith." (60 min.)

Born in the USA: Muslim Americans (DVD).   BP67.U6 B67 2003    Ahmed Soliman Productions ; produced and directed by Ahmed Soliman. 2003. "This video examines the everyday lives of a Muslim American doctor and a teacher in a post 9-11 world." (60 min.)

Understanding Islam and the American Muslim community: a visit to a mosque in America (VHS)    BP67.U6 O43 2002     Astrolabe Pictures presents in cooperation with Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati ; directed and produced by Astrolabe Pictures, c2002.  "This  documentary takes an intimate look inside the life of one Muslim community at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. Visitors are taken through the buildings of the Center where various themes are presented." (54 min.)

The five pillars of Islam     BP176 .F58 1988

Mosque  BP172 .M67 1996  This program, filmed in Cairo, Egypt, introduces a mosque and Muslims and provides a respectful introduction to Islam

Smithsonian world. Islam      BP161.2 .S6 1987    Opening with some spendid calligraphic art at the Freer Gallery, the film portrays the beginnings of Islam in Arabia and the founding of Cairo, and describes Islamic ideals of family and civil life.  Several Muslim scholars reply to a question about what Islam means to them.  The second half of the video examines modern-day Islamic movements, beginning with the Shiites of Iran.

"There is no God but God" (Tape 5 in the "Long Search" series)  BL80.2 .L64 (on Islam in Cairo and an Egyptian village)

Shiites, followers of Ali (VHS)    BP193.5 .S5 1985  Cine & Teleproductions ; directors, Paul-Jacques Callebaut and Nicole Saey , 1985. "Examines the Shiites, the first dissident group within Islam. Shows the custom of self-flagellation and explains the religious background of this group which opposes all forms of authority." (27 min.)

This far by faith: African American spiritual journeys (DVD) BR563.N4 W5133 2003     "Episode five (disc 3) follows the journeys of African-Americans who practice the traditions of Islam and Yoruba. Yoruba, which originated in West Africa and predates Christianity, focuses on honoring ancestors and helping worshipers gain strength and spirituality from within. Also explores the Nation of Islam, led by Elijah Muhammad, whose son, Warith Deen, assumed leadership after his father's death and transformed the organization into one which follows the practice of orthodox Islam."  Produced by PBS, 2003.  

Islam, faith and nations     BP50 .I8 1990     (1983) Presents a journey through Islam from its beginnings 1300 years ago to its place in the world today. Introduces the culture, philosophy, and staples of the Islamic life-style (120 min.)

The Islamic mind with Seyyed Hossein Nasr  BP173.5 .I75 1990  Noted Islamic scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr discusses how we can have peace in the Middle East. Nasr talks about the root of Islam's attitudes toward the West, how Islam and the West can co-exist and the current Western presence in the Middle East.--PBS catalog

Islam and war     BP163 .I743 1994     Seen as the spiritual head of the Hezbollah, Sayed Fadlallah gives his views of Jihad or Holy War, its rules, its origins, and the role of terror in such a war

The last day (DVD) BP166.8 .L35 2003  Writer, director, producer, Zahir Ahmed.  On Islamic eschatology

Women and Islam
        Me & the mosque (DVD) BP173.4 .M5 2005   
"Journalist and filmmaker Zarqa Nawaz visits mosques throughout Canada and talks to scholars, colleagues, friends and neighbours about equal access for women"--Container (52 min.)

               Women and Islam  BP173.4 .W65 1994   (1994)  Leila Ahmed argues the case for revision of the widely-held views of the Islamic world about the role of women, using examples from history and the role played by women in the contemporary society. She explains the origin of the veil, and discusses the issue of marriage and women's rights within marriage. (30 min.)

                Islam & feminism (VHS)  HQ1236.5.P18 I7 1991     Written & directed by Nighat Said Khan, 1991.  "Film examines the inequities in Pakistan's Islamic law, which does not distinguish among rape, adultery and fornication. Under this law, the testimony of two women is valued as equal to that of one man. A rape victim can be charged under Islamic law with having had extramarital sex. This report examines these contradictions, and introduces efforts of women's organizations to battle the severe discrimination which Pakistani women must endure." (26 min.)

                Covered (VHS)    HQ1793 .C68 1995     Her Way production ; produced and directed by Tania Kamal-Eldin, 1995.  "This documentary examines the reasons behind the increased veiling occurring in Egypt. Intimate interviews set against a backdrop of compelling footage reveal the complex motives of Egyptian women choosing to wear veils."  (25 min.)

                Divorce Iranian style (VHS)    PN1995.9.F67 D58 1998     a film by Kim Longinotto & Ziba Mir-Hosseini, 1998.  Looks inside an Iranian divorce court and shows how women are treated under Islamic law." (80 min.)

                Islamic fundamentalism and democracy         BP173.7 .I844 1993      An examination of the problems and issues involved in Middle Eastern countries as they deal with both pressure to embrace more democratic policies and efforts by Islamic fundamentalists to resist social and political influences from western societies

                Islamic knowledge                          BP190.5.S3 I86       (1988) Describes how Islamic knowledge made significant contributions in the fields of astronomy, physics, medicine, and engineering (30 min.)

                Being Muslim in India                          BP63.I4 B4 1980       Presents Islam and the Quran as seen through the lives and perspective of families and individuals in India (42 min.)

                Unity. [Motion picture]      BP60 .U65 Presents a survey of the Islamic faith through scenes of ancient mosques, the pilgrims at Mecca, individual rituals preceding prayer, and the countries where Islam predominates

Islamic Art
                  Islamic art
     N6260 .I8 1988      "Discusses the architecture and sculpture of mosques and Koranic schools, the illumination and calligraphy of sacred texts, music, the art of the garden, and the influence of the abstract arabesque on Western art."

                 The Pattern of beauty. [Motion picture]  BP190.5.A7 P27     This film presents three elements of Islamic art: line and angle, vegetation, and calligraphy. Examples of Islamic architecture and paintings are also shown

                Cairo: 1001 years of Islamic art and architecture (VHS)    DT143 .C32 1999     Narrated by Gray Henry and John A. Williams, Author and creative editor: Caroline Williams, 1999.  "This four-part presentation offers an introduction to the art and architecture of a great medieval city. Certain monuments make several appearances and are viewed from different aspects. This arrangement is intended to give the viewer a better understanding of the structures, forms and functions." The grandeur of Cairo (16 min.) -- II. The word, the vine and the stars : spiritual dimensions of Islamic art in Cairo (20 min.) -- III. Survivors in stone : 1001 years of Islamic architecture in Cairo (51 min.). 1. The Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun, 876-79 ; 2. The Fatimids, 969-1171 ; 3. The Ayyubids, 1171-1250 ; 4. The Bahri Mamluks, 1250-1382 ; 5. The Burji Mamluks, 1382-1517 ; 6. The Ottoman era, 1517-1798 ; 7. The Muhammad Ali dynasty, 1805-1952 / written by Caroline Williams ; produced by Gray Henry -- IV. A few saints of Cairo : and counsels of Ibn Ata'Allah al-Iskandar / written by Gray Henry (103 min.)

                Morocco, Body and Soul
     ML350 .H8 1987 tape 3

                Mystic Iran: the unseen world (DVD)    BP2270 .M9 2003    "Filmmaker Aryana Farshad takes a journey deep into the heart of her native Iran.  Shot entirely on location, this film reveals spiritual rituals hidden for centuries.  Includes scenes from he women's chamber of the Great Mosque, the temple-caves in the land of Zarathustra, and the sacred dance of the Dervishes in Kurdistan."

                I am a Sufi: I am a Muslim     BP189.2 .I12 1996  "The program travels to India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Macedonia to explore exactly what is Sufism and observe how it is practiced in various parts of the world today. Among the many aspects of Sufism featured in the program are the whirling dervishes of Turkey, who find God through ecstasy; ecstatic fakirs in Macedonia, where there is a big revival in popular Sufism; and the vital role of music in Sufism in India and Pakistan."  (52 min.)

                Requiem for a faith; and The Sufi Way BQ7604 .R42     Narrator, Huston Smith

Feature Films
The Message   PN1997 .M4552 1998    tapes 1-2
Dramatization of the story of the first Muslims: their struggle in Mecca against the religious cults, brutality, oppression of women, and political and economic power of the tribal chiefs;  founding of first Islamic polity in Medina;  battles of Badr and Uhud; and final triumphant re-entrance into Mecca.  Directed by Moustapha Akkad;  music by Maurice Jaffe;  script by H.A..L. Craig, Tewfik El-Hakim, and others, each page of it approved by Sunni authorities in Egypt and Shiite authorities in Lebanon.  Anthony Quinn as Hamza (the fighting uncle of Muhammad), Irene Pappas as Hind (wife of a powerful Meccan merchant), Johnny Sekka as Bilal (an African slave who converts to Islam and becomes the first muezzin);  and many others.

The Prophet himself is never shown. (“In accordance with Muslim beliefs, Mohammed could not be depicted on screen nor could his voice be heard. This rule extended to his wives, his daughters and his sons-in-law.  This left Mohammed's uncle as the central character, played by Quinn. In the completed film, actors speak directly to the camera and then nod to un-heard dialogue.”)  Approx. 3 hours. 1977, color, wide screen.

Monsieur Ibrahim (DVD)  PQ2679 .C37844 M66133 2004
Directed by François Dupeyron, written by François Dupeyron based on a novel by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt "An elderly Turkish Muslim grocer befriends a lonely teenage Jewish boy in a working class section of Paris."  The boy, named Moses, has no Jewish education or identity, but the character of the grocer, Monsieur Ibrahim, provides an attractive image of Islam, specifically, Turkish Sufism, which teaches compassion, respect for differences, a humble love of life and of God, acceptance of fate.  There is an interesting scene in which the boy, now renamed "Momo," and Ibrahim watch "Whirling Dervishes" in Turkey, with Ibrahim explaining the deeper meaning to Momo.  Notable is Momo's discovery at the end of the true content of Ibrahim's Quran, what Ibrahim really "learns in my Quran," a true Sufi insight.  The film won the "Audience Award" at the Venice Film Festival, 2003, and was nominated for many awards, including Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.  A fine performance by Omar Sharif as Ibrahim.  Pierre Boulanger plays Momo.  (R rating;  95 mintues;  French language)

Malcolm X. BP223.Z8 L57633  and  BP223.Z8 L57633 2005 (videotapes and DVD)    Denzel Washington as Malcolm X, Angela Bassett as Betty Shabazz, Al Freeman Jr. as Elijah Muhammad.  “Sweeping biography of the black leader, tracing his transformation from street hustler to prison inmate to religious convert--and his ascension to national leadership while preaching the words of Elijah Muhammad. Compelling every step of the way, with a superb performance by Washington, and sure-footed guidance from director/cowriter Lee.” Screenplay by Lee and Arnold Perl, based on the book The Autobiography of Malcolm X.  1992, 200 minutes.

Shahrbanoo (VHS)    HQ1735.2 .S53 2002     Film by Hamid Rahmanian & Melissa Hibbard, 2002, English and Farsi with English subtitles. "The encounter of Melissa, an American woman, with a super-conservative Iranian family living in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Tehran. She was befriended by Shahrbanoo, who invites Melissa to a family gathering, where she is treated to an intense cultural exchange about subjects ranging from women's place in society to American foreign policy. It is a testimony to the hidden ties that connect us across vast cultural gulfs."  57 min.

Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine (DVD)    PN1995.9 .F67 B8 2004.      Director/writer/lead actor: Bahman Farmanara, 2004, Farsi with English subtitles.  A meditation on the meaning of life in the face of one's own mortality and the death of those one loves.  The main character, a contemporary Iranian filmmaker, while mourning the death of his wife and the living death of his mother suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, directs a film on Iranian rituals of death and gathers actor friends to mourn his own death.  Camphor is used in burial ceremonies, and his mother wore jasmine perfume when he was little.  93 minutes.

Two women (VHS)    PN1995.9.F67 T86 1998      Director and script writer, Tahminah Milani, 1998.  In Farsi with English subtitles. "Chronicles the lives of two women attending architectural school at Tehran University during the first years of the Islamic Republic." (96 min.)

Not without my daughter HQ1413.M33 A3 1991  Based on the life of Betty Mahmoody, who goes to Iran with her daughter and native-born husband. He had intended the visit as just a vacation, but soon tells Betty that she may return to the US, but their daughter must stay with his Iranian family and be raised a Muslim.  (Warning:  not to be interpreted as a representative picture of Islam itself)

Khamosh pani = Silent waters (DVD)  PN1997.2 .K53 2004      "It is 1979 and Pakistan is embracing nationalism through its Islamic identity. Widowed Ayesha lives in Charkhi, Punjab with her son Saleem, who joins a group of fundamentalists. When a group of Sikh pilgrims come to town, the family's faith comes into question." Golden Leopard Prize for Best Film, 2004 Locarno International Film Festival; 2005 Association for Asian Studies Film Festival (2003, 95 min.)

Music CD's

Music in the world of Islam: strings, flutes & trumpets  (1994)   CDS 598

Music in the world of Islam: reeds & bagpipes, drums & rhythms     CDS 590

Music in the world of Islam: human voice & lutes     CDS 589

Salawat.   Mesut Kurtis     CDS 3454     "Songs that combine Arabic, Turkish and English"    Contents:  No one but Allah -- Salawat -- Burdah -- Never forget -- Ya Ilahal Kawni -- Alayka -- Tala al Badru Alayna -- O Allah (2004)