Posted by Jennifer Ashworth, Administrative Assistant, History

...and I echo your thanks -
to Ellen for hosting this very important collection of thoughts and resources, most of which I hadn't seen, and even more importantly for this avenue for discussion. 
And thanks to Robin for letting the WHOLE community know in Campus Notices that this exists and how to access it!!
And to all of you for what you've written. I'm happy to see even more conversation arising.  
Thanks also to Paten and co-hort for their R-E-S-P-E-C-T evening.  I regret that I had to work and couldn't be there!
Regina, your observations of the 21st are extremely important. Thank you!
Melina, I appreciate your clear post.  May I add that as important, perhaps more important than what we "allow" is what we model, what we radiate.  I just discovered this site this morning at work, and have skimmed less than half of what is here, so I bet that's been said, and that you would of course agree.
Ellen asks important questions about what are our underlying, perhaps unconscious assumptions...
I hope others take this opportunity for extended conversation. 
As a secretary I must say I really appreciate being included!
I will be reading.


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