Posted by Professor Genelle Gertz

Dear Allison, Domnica, and Women's and Gender Studies Colleagues,


As Allison's advisor in the English Department, I feel compelled to respond to Prof. Radulescu's impassioned defense of feminist values. While I myself support choice, I come from a background where, for very deeply-felt reasons, women do not support the right to an abortion. Namely, they do not support it because they believe that the fetus is a life and therefore should be sustained. I have known several families who, because of this philosophy, make commitments to already-born children. They have adopted babies who were abandoned by parents and suffering from the effects of their mother's drug addictions. I have watched these adoptive families struggle with the long-term effects of their children's background, such as battling extreme forms of ADHD and other behavioral/psychological disorders, that can be very taxing on parents and families. It is therefore not always the case that people who disapprove of abortion neglect to take care of underprivileged children.


I also support Allison's desire to invite people who hold different views to come to this event. Surely respectful disagreement and debate is a good thing, and the heart of university life. It may in the future be helpful to invite two speakers at once who hold opposite views on the issue. That way both sides would be given equal representation.




Genelle Gertz

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