Posted by Samuel Gilleran (11)

Miss Kruse,

Thank you for your kind remarks. I am now more aware of the proximate motivations behind Love Your Body Week; however, I remain convinced, more so now than before, that it all goes back to sexual assault.


If last week was not about sexual assault, then why are there posters proclaiming these horrid statistics? You yourself state, If we continue to defend the small problems with Love Your Body Week and ignore the real problems (eating disorders and sexual assault), our campus cannot possibly hope to change. It goes back to eating disorders and sexual assault. It can certainly be wrapped in the language of making people feel better about themselves and better communication (Im all for happy people who communicate well), but in the end its about sexual assault and eating disorders. Im afraid Ive been giving short shrift to eating disorders; that problem is also very real on this campus.


I rather like the concept of Love Your Body Week. I even have the T-shirt. But a very wise man stopped me on my way to class this morning. He said, Sam, youre stirring things up again! I laughed and responded that I do what I can to make things interesting. We talked for a little bit about my previous postings and Love Your Body Week in general, but then he posed me a question, and its a question that we all need to answer. Its a question that would probably get more respect if it were coming from him. Ill sign off (for now) with this, and I hope that its a question well taken.


When we quit stirring the pot and get our hands or whatever were using to stir the pot out of it, will the pot settle back the way it was? When this week is over, are things going to go back to the way they were?

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