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The Speaking Freely web site was started in the spring of 2008 to provide a space in which to address specific concerns about campus publications and free speech.   The last submission that addressed this concern directly was posted on June 4, 2008.  The site continues to exist so that other concerns on campus may be addressed and debated.  See new posts, below.

Background on the initial launch of the site:


Many members of the W&L community are concerned that campus publications of late have represented a limited number of perspectives about the List and Bracket incidents and, moreover, have spread misinformation about University policy to potentially damaging effect.  This site simply reprints several recent contributions to the discourse about "free speech" at W&L that have not been previously available to most of the University community.  These contributions largely took the initial form of emails to the head of the journalism department, Professor Brian Richardson, whose widely-distributed email commentaries provide context for many of the posts that follow.  We reprint them here with his consent.


These writings have in common a concern that the sorts of arguments for "free speech" that have dominated recent campus publications insufficiently acknowledge the fact that sexual harassment cannot be fully protected as "speech."  They also have in common a recognition that efforts to combat the norm of public misogynistic discourse at W&L do NOT necessarily entail a restriction of expression or a lack of commitment to free speech as a crucial foundational principle for a just and safe community. 




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NEW POSTS (in the order in which they were received)




·         Bradley, 10/31/08 (In response to President Ruscio’s Work-Life Initiatives)

·         Vargas, 11/6/08 (On sexual harassment at VMI and W&L)

·         KEWL, 11/11/08 (Letter to the Editor of the Ring-Tum Phi, on the report of the President’s Committee on Women)



·         Koval, 3/26/09 (Letter to the Editors of the Ring-Tum Phi and the Trident, on the campus reception of KEWL’s Love Your Body Week)

·         Gilleran, 3/27/09 (Response to KEWL’s Campaign)

·         Mills, 3/29/09 (In response to Gilleran)

·         Yudovich, 3/29/09 (In response to Gilleran)

·         Gilleran #2, 3/30/09 (In response to Mills and Yudovich)

·         Kruse, 3/30/09 (In response to Gilleran #2)

·         Gilleran #3, 3/30/09 (In response to Kruse)

·         Mills, 3/30/09 (In response to Gilleran’s second and third posts)



·         Initial announcement of speaker sponsored by Students for Life (3/9/09)

·         Radulescu, 3/10/09 (Response to announcement/advertising of speaker)

·         Gertz, 3/11/09 (Response to Radulescu)

·         Bello, 3/11/09 (Response to all)

·         LeBlanc, 3/11/09 (Response to all)

·         Mills, 3/11/09 (Response to all)

·         DeLaney, 3/12/09 (Response to all)


·         Reidy, Coyle, & O’Leary on sexual assault on campus (10/8/09)

·         Team Yellow Survivor Story, How He Raped Me (11/4/09)












·         President’s Committee on Women:  Report

·         U. of Toronto Professor Jennifer Berdahl on sexual harassment and mobbing

·         Link to Data from Campus Climate Survey (password protected)


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