Posted by Regina Mills (09)

Mr. Gilleran,


I have only a brief response to your second and third postings.


First: Love Your Body Week was not about stopping sexual assault. It was about loving your body. Stopping the perpetration of sexual assault against women is under the umbrella of loving one's body for the following reasons: Loving one's body means respecting one's body.

Learning how to respect one's body means realizing that you must demand respect for it from others. Believing that you have the right to demand respect for your body means believing that others have the right to demand respect for their bodies and thus respecting and loving everyone's body. That is why loving your body is the message. It encompasses so much more than sexual assault prevention.


Second: To come back to your point of men being villified through a campaign. As you now know, we had no intention of isolating or villifying men. However, you must realize that women who try to get men into a conversation about what are traditionally considered "women's issues" walk a tight line. If we try to solve "our" problems (as they have always been assumed to be only women's problems), we marginalize men and make them feel like they have no part in the solution. However, when we try to tell men that they should care about this issue, that it should bother them to no end that when I walk around by myself in the dark and see a man walking alone nearby I am afraid of him, men feel villified. It is a tight rope trying to bridge the gap.


Third: I agree totally that we need to act from this heightened awareness and recognition of the issues. I raised this point in my first response. Action is necessary and it's necessary now. However, I ask: will you be a part of the change? Have you asked yourself what you can do to solve the problem? Of course, I don't mean just you, I mean every woman and man on this campus. LYBW ended just a few days ago. KEWL is holding a debriefing and planning meeting tonight. Don't tell us that all we've done is stir the pot. We have just begun and we have big plans.


Regina Mills

Class of 2009


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