Winter 2015  --  History 102.02: European Civilization since 1789  --  Professor Patch

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IN EUROPE, 1848/49





Revolution breaks out in Paris, Feb. 22-24

Uprising in Vienna, March 13-15

Uprising in Berlin, March 18


March 30: “Pre-parliament”  convenes

April 23: national elections return a parliament more conservative than the Provisional Government

May: defense minister lynched, Emperor flees Vienna


May: Prussian state assembly meets


May: German National Assembly convenes to write a constitution for a federal government

June Days: workers rebel in Paris when the National Workshops are dissolved

June: Imperial troops occupy Prague, disperse Pan-Slav Congress


June 29: Archduke Johann of Austria elected “regent”


July: Imperial troops conquer Milan, defeat Piedmont

August: German Workers’ Congress in Berlin marks the spread of trade unionism 



October 24-31: Imperial troops conquer Vienna, with 4,000 dead


October 16: Berlin citizens’ militia opens fire on demonstrating workers

September-October: riots in Frankfurt;  republican insurrection in Baden


November: Austria declares that its empire is indivisible

November: royal troops occupy Berlin without fighting


December 1848: Louis Napoleon elected President

Dec. 1848: Franz Joseph becomes Emperor; Hungary invaded by Russia and Austria

December 1848: Frederick William IV decrees a constitution for Prussia


December 1848: National Assembly tilts toward Prussia


April 1849: Revolution ends in Italy as French troops restore papal authority in Rome

Berlin, April 3, 1849: Frederick William IV rejects imperial crown offered by the Frankfurt Assembly 

March 1849: Radicals proclaim a national constitution & appeal for popular uprisings


August 1849: Budapest conquered, end of the Hungarian War of Independence

May-August 1849: Austrian and Prussian troops crush uprisings in the Rhineland and southwestern Germany

December 1851: Louis Napoleon seizes power, becomes “Napoleon III”

November 1850: Austria persuades Prussia to revive the German Confederation of 1815

1852: Cologne Communist Trial leads to prison terms for seven followers of Marx