Fall 2015 -- History 224 -- Professor Patch

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1. Introduction: Possible Causes of War and the Congress of Vienna

2. The Outbreak of the First World War

3. Colonial Rivalries and the "Mood of 1914"

4. The Emergence of "Total War," 1914-1917

5. The Russian Revolution and Versailles Conference

6. A Peace to End All Peace?  Accomplishments and Failures of the Versailles Conference

7. The Ottoman Empire and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

8. The Impact of the First World War on the British Empire

9. Steps Toward the Normalization of Europe in the 1920s

10. The Ideological Polarization of Europe in the Great Depression

11. The Origins of "Appeasement", 1933-1936

12. Neville Chamberlain and the Sudeten Crisis of 1938

13. Why Did Hitler Order the Invasion of the Soviet Union?

14. The Anglo-American Response to the Holocaust

15. D-Day and the Liberation of Europe

16. The Origins of the Cold War and the Revival of Europe

17. The Climax of the Cold War in the 1960s

18. Detente in the 1970s

19. The Collapse of Communism in Europe, 1989-91

20. Post-Communist Conflicts in Yugoslavia and Ukraine

21. Decolonization in India and the Creation of the State of Israel

22. The Decolonization of Africa

23. The Arab-Israeli Conflict since 1967