Lexington VA: 1 Jan 66


My dear Sir


I am much gratified to learn by your letter of the 27th Ulto: the success which you have so far met with in the execution of the mission, entrusted to you by the Board of Trustees of Washington College.  I hope you will be able materially to aid the Board, in the full accomplishment of its object; the enlargement of the endowment of the College & the extension of its present Course of instruction.

Your adoption of the suggestion of Col: Marshall in the omitting of my name, in the heading of your subscription list, meets with my entire approval.  I do not consider it proper that it should so appear, and I request that you will adhere to this course in your future operations.

I regret that I have no acquaintance in New York with whom I could take the liberty of giving your letters.  Your letter of appointment by the Board of Trustees, with the copy of their resolution to establish five additional Professorships,  will I hope be sufficient for your purpose.  I recommend you to communicate with the Revd Samuel Beach Jones of Bridgeton N. Jersy, who is fully (page 2) acquainted with the purposes of the Board on this subject, & who might greatly assist you.

I enclose you a letter to Dr. Thos: Miller of Washington City, a gentleman of great courtesy & intelligence, who may be able to give you useful information while in that city.

I also send according to your request some autographs for such of your friends as may desire them.


Wishing you all happiness & success & a speedy completion of your undertaking.

I am very respy

Your obtservt


R E Lee


Revd S. D. Stuart

Note: Envelope addressed to Revd S. D. Stuart, Staunton, Virginia