Horse Cave Heart Co Ky June 1st 1866


To The President of Washington College

Lexington Va

                                    Dear Sir

                                                I have a Brother going to school in Toronto Canada   he has expressed a disposition to become a member of your school.  I wish you to write me what board & Tuition will cost there per session also when the next Session will commence.  My Brother is now in his twenty third year     he volunteered in Sixty one was discharged in Sixty two, reenlisted in Sixty three and was commissioned Capt of a company in Sixty four.  He met with the misfortune of receiving a wound in the arm which will make him a cripple (?) for life, he is a promising young man and as his physical powers are impaired my intention is to prepare him for the Law.  You will please write soon direct to Horse Cave, Ky  yours very Respectfully

                                    G. E. Abbott


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting.


            1 June 1866

G. E. Abbott

In reference to



Ansd 7 June