Fort Royal Caroline C. Va

                                                            March 1st 1866


Genl R. E. Lee

Prest:  Washington College

                        Lexington, Va

                                                Dear Sir:

                                                                        I have a son who I wish to send to the Institution over which you preside, at the earliest moment that my pecuniary means will warrant – I hope that you will send or have sent to me by return mail a catalogue & circular of your college.  My son is now preparing himself in the rudimental branches of English.  He is studious & I have every reason to believe that in a very short time he will be sufficiently versed in all the first & many of the second books in an English course, to qualify him for entering Washington College.  Many here abouts are anxious to patronize the college over which you preside – The general scarcity of “greenbacks,” however,   being the insurmountable barrier to the realization of their wishes-


                                                                        Believe me Genl, to be

                                                                        Your sincere well-wisher

                                                                                    And obt Servant

                                                                                    Mrs M. B. Smith


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            I March ‘66

Mrs M. B. Smith



Ansd – 7 Mar