Near Cartersville 1 Sept 65


My dear Fitz

I enclose you a letter from your cousin Mason, sent to me by a young woman in Washington to forwd to him; who seems anxious to learn of his whereabouts.  I wish you would apprize all young women that it is difficult for one man to keep a record of the movements of your young soldiers, & that they had better take you in hand themselves.  It would be to my relief & your advantage.  I am glad to hear that you are about establishing yourself in Stafford.  It is a county in which the Lees were once well known, & I hope the present generation will cause the name of their sires to be loved & venerated.  I have always heard that Richland was a beautiful & productive farm (page 2) & I hope will make you a pleasant home- Your aunt M. recd yesterday a letter from your mother.  All with her were well.  She proposed coming to Richmond the middle of this month & going to Baltimore the last- But as you left her so recently, I presume you are acquainted with her plans-  We are all here as usual.  Agnes has recovered from her attack, though still thin & feeble.  Custis is with us but not well, & your aunt about as you last saw her; The Pamunkey boys we hear have had chills & fever, but I hope are convalescent.  I have had a comparative quiet summer, but will have to commence soon to make my bread-

            Love to your father - afftly your uncle

R E Lee


Genl Fitzhugh Lee