Appomattox C. H. Apl. 2. 1866


Gen. R. E. Lee

     My Dear Sir

                                                With unfeigned reluctance, I compel myself to call upon you for a personal favour.  I have been prevailed upon by a number of my friends, and other persons, to have the picture of my house taken, (External and internal) as it was on the unfortunate day of 9th Apl. 1865. (Necessity compells me to do so, what I have not done before.)  It is now in progress and will be gotten up in the finest style, by first artists in New York.  I will be under obligation to you, My Dear Sir, if you will grant one, two, or three sittings, for one of the first Artists of N. Y. to get a life like likeness of your self.  I hope you will excuse the liberty I have taken, and believe me ever ready to reciprocate.


With profound respect, I remain your most humble servant

                                                                        Wilmer McLean


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            2 Apl ‘66

Wilmer McLean

asks for sittings to a

N. Y. Artist


Ansd: Declined

            6 Apl