Athens,” Georgia

                                                                                    April 2nd 1866.


Gen. R. E. Lee.

            Honored Sir:

                        Being very solicitous to become a student in the Va. University, and having spent the best days of my life in the service of our dear Southern land, I write this in order to gain some information as to tuition, board & etc.  Please inform me immediately if I can be admitted as a student, I am prepared to enter the Senior.  I have been at Mercer University since the close of the late war.  I can come well recommended by the Faculty of the Ga. University.  Very respectfully

                                                                                    W. C. Mims


Please direct W. C. Mims Athens, Ga.

Care Dr. W. L. Jones

            Ga. U.


Notation in General lee’s handwriting:

Ga: 2 Apl



Ansd: 10 Apl