2nd July 1866

My dear Father

            Your letter of the 13th ulto enclosing a check for one thousand dollars ($1,000) on Lancaster & Co Richmond was received one week ago yesterday & I again thank you for it

            I am very sorry to hear that Agnes has been so sick, she must come & stay with me & take cholagogue

            I am still taking it & am quite well; not a strong as I was last summer, but that may be laziness.

                        I suppose by this you are through the labors of the examinations & have now leisure, you ought to go & see some of your friends & rest. I wish you would come & see F. and I.  We canít do much for you in the way of the elegancies of life, but a hearty welcome takes the place of a great many comforts.  I donít understand what you allude to as spurs in my flanks is it a wife or not?

            I remember when you were farming Arlington you applied a dressing of salt to one of the fields.  It was to destroy the briars I think.  Do you remember the quantity & the manner of applying it & the character of the salt?

            If you can youíll oblige me very much with some information on the subject, the farmers here seem never to have tried it.  I have a beautiful crop of oats fifty acres, which I shall commence to cut next week.  M corn is inferior owing to the filth on the land but it is better than a great deal I have seen

            Tell Mildred I am going to a grand ball & tournament on the 4th at West Point & Iíll write her an account of it

            I got a letter from Ma last week

My best love to all                                             Your devoted Son

                                                                                    R E Lee


Notation on front left corner in General Leeís handwriting:

                        2 July Ď66

Robert Had recd the



Ansd 28 July