Union Theo. Seminary.

                                                                        June 2. 1866


Dr. Sir.


                        On receipt of yr. last, I again communicated my wishes to Mr. Blelock: and received on yesterday his reply, couched in courteous, and I trust, satisfactory terms.  I will quote a part of his own words.

            “We regret exceedingly that our action or that of our agents, has been in any way distasteful to Gen.Lee.  We supposed from conversation with Mr. Niven (a valued friend) of both parties in N. Y. and from the fact that Gen. Lee did, to a limited extent, read and correct the MS. that our modest statement, a copy of which we enclose, and which is the only one we have made, would not displease him.  Our agents, we perceive, have enlarged upon this to (it seems) an unwarrantable extent.  We have however taken immediate steps to have the whole thing stopped, thoroughly, and at once.  It will, of course, take a few days time to completely effect this; but we will do it thoroughly.

            I feel sure that Mr. Blelock may be relied upon to do this:  and, regretting exceedingly that a moment of your time or thought has been expended on the matter, through his error; I hope that you will not find yourself farther concerned to direct yr. valuable time to an annoyance which we had no right to execute.  My purpose in writing now is only to show that I have done my best to comply with yr. request in your last, and that I have, as I trust, done so with effect.  I therefore beg that you will not take the trouble to reply.

                                                Believe me, my dear General,

                                                            Warmly             Yr. ob. servant

                                                                                    R. L.Dabney        


Genl R. E. Lee


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            2 June 1866


Revd R. L. Dabney

Sends Blelocks

promise to erase

statement of my

endorsement of his

life of Jackson