Norfolk, Va. March 2, 1866

Gen Robert E. lee

            Washington College

                                    Lexington, Va


My Dear Sir,

                        I take the liberty of enclosing you certain printed statements which may interest you; since I understand that the party who has attempted a fraud on my autorial rights has been boasting in New York that he has been selected as publisher of a work you are preparing.  If you have ever contemplated such a work, I hope you may find it to your interest not to give it to a man who has shown himself an adventurer in the publishing line, and that his treatment of myself will induce you to make inquiries of his resources and character, and of the claims which, I understand, he seeks to establish on your confidence.

I have written this in the interest of justice, and with a most sincere regard for yourself and whatever literary enterprise you may favour the world with.

                                                            With greatest respect

                                                                        Your Obedient Servant


                                                            Edwd. A. Pollard


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            2 March ‘66

Edwd. A. Pollard

In reference to

C. B. Richardson



Ansd 8 Mar


Attached is an item entitled: WARNING TO THE PUBLIC by Edward A. Pollard and a clipping to the Editor of the New York News dated 23 FEB 1866 by Edward A. Pollard.