Original.  Not in General Lee=s handwriting but is signed by him.


Lexington, Va

   March 2d 1868


Genl Douglas Frazar

Lexington, Va


I have received your communication of March 1 requesting my interposition in the collection of a debt said to be due to Henry Johnson, (Freedman) by Mr Lusk, a student of Washington College.  Mr Lusk has not received permission to withdraw from College, I presume that he is amenable to the ordinary legal process for the collection of debts.  I am not aware of any authority vested in me, as President of the College, to enforce the collection (page 2) of a debt of this character, but would be glad to have it pointed out to me.  It is not the wish of the Faculty that any student should evade a just debt.

Very Respectfully

   Your obedient servant,


R E Lee