May 2nd 1866.


General Lea (sic):

                        Dear Sir:

                                                This circular explains the effort made by myself to introduce foreign capital into the South.  I am a Southern man; was a Col. & Brig. Genl. of Cavalry in the Confederate Army.  I desire to show abroad that my efforts meet the approbation of leading Southern men.  May I refer to you as a friend and approver of the introduction of Foreign capital and Emigrants in to the South.  I return to New York in a few days to organize a Leading House.  A Virginia Charter has been called to my attention, which, if it may begotten, I expect to use; and in that event, the principal office, and main center of motion will be transferred to Richmond.

            Please address me to the care of Royal Ball 175 Broadway New York.

                                                            I have the honor to be

                                                                        yours very respectfully


                                                                                    R. V. Richardson






Notation on reverse in General Lee’ handwriting:

            2 May 1866

R. V. Richardson

wishes to introduce

foreign Capital

& labor into the

Country & desires

references to Southern



9 May declined


Note this letter was written on a Circular To Cotton Planters in Memphis, Tennessee on 26 APR 1866