Balto May 2nd 1866.


Gen’l Robt. E. Lee

                        Honored Sir:

                                                Your connection with the Washington (Va.) College has brought to my mind the suggestion, that perhaps I could enlist your attention and obtain your aid in forwarding the great Life –Work, stretching now before me.

                        Having made Elocution a special study for the past five years, I am endeavoring to obtain a position, which shall enable me to teach the study most delightful to me; and obtain time for a further prosecution of the preparation necessary before I enter upon the discharge of the higher duties to which God has most decidedly called me.

                        The bold manner, in which I have approached you, has been encouraged by the knowledge that you were a true and earnest man; and I know this to be a characteristic of all the few Earnest Lives who move among men that they tread under foot all “fawning” and flattery.  I have felt better able to approach you with confidence from the fact of your already expressed friendship for my father, Rev. Henry Slicer.

                        If you can aid me in obtaining a position such as I have described you will add obligation to the great esteem of

                                                                        Your Obedt. Servant

                                                                                    T. R. Slicer


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            2 May 1866

T. R. Slicer


applies for position of

Instructor of Elocution


Ansd: 8 May