Original.  Not in General Lee=s handwriting but signed by him.


Washington College Va

Aug: 6. 1870


Miss A. H. Nichols

Washington City

Yrs of May 14th ulti: was received during my protracted absence from home or would have been more promptly acknowledged.

It would afford me the pleasure to indicate something that promised you relief under existing circumstances, but I regret to say that I know of nothing in this region of the country, and isolated as I am from the country at large I feel wholly unable to suggest any situation that will satisfy your present wishes. (The remainder is in General lee=s handwriting).  With great sympathy for your condition & my best wishes for your happiness

I am with great respect

your obtservt

R E Lee


The envelope is addressed as follows:

Miss A. H. Nichols

1401 Cor N. Y. Av & 14th Str


D. C.

The envelope is marked: Returned to Writer