Selma Jan 7-


Gen. R. E. Lee


Since your acceptance of the Presidency of Washington College I have been anxious to become a student of yours, but until now have been unable to do so - Father, as most Southerners, has lost the greater portion of his property,  and I have felt a hesitancy to avail myself of his generous offer to send me to college- Of late he has become so persistent that  I should complete my education, that I yield to his wish-

I hope you will not think that I underrate the advantages of an education; far from it, I fully appreciate its value, and am sufficiently anxious to avail myself of the present opportunity to complete my own-

I was in the Southern Army, and have not attended any school or college for two or three years, consequently am not as familiar with my studies as I would otherwise have been, but think that I can enter into Sophomore class half advanced - I feel that I have no time to lose.  Please Gen, write to me at once, and let me know if I can enter your College, if I can, send me a circular etc, I wish to come on at once - If a recommendation is necessary I can get it from my last teacher-

Yours Most respect.-

A. H. Gardner


N. B. My address is

Selma, Ala


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

7 Jan 66

A H Gardner



Ansd 29 Jan