HdQrs: 8 Aug 62


Good bye my dear Col: May every happiness & success attend you.  I am glad that General Jackson will have the benefit of your presence, & get __?__ your loss to the good Gov- I thank you sincerely for your advice - The latter part is good.  I have regretted my inability to see more of the troops - I have never had time to be with them except at their duties - Their parades etc I have been unable to attend.  I visit their camps & their lines etc, but I have had to keep them so constantly at work.  So much has to be done, & so much is yet to be done, that I have felt I might not to (?)take them from it & engross their time with reviews etc for my gratification - You know how we live in hope, & I have always hoped that a better time was coming.  Now I must give you some advice.  Take care of yourself, & I know that the great God above us will take care of you.  To him I trust you & confidently rely upon his goodness in all that may occur.  I pray that you may soon be returned to us, bringing in your footsteps the blessings of peace - Think sometimes of your friend          R E LEE


Col: S. Bassett French


On the reverse: P.S.  Leave the train at Gordonsville - __?__ I when last heard of any Fs near that place