Georgetown College

                                                                        Febry 8th 1866


General R. E. Lee

              Dear Sir.

                                      I have been charged as the Corresponding Secretary of the Philodemic Society of Georgetown College, with the pleasing duty of informing you that, at the late Grand Annual Meeting held January 18th 1866, you were nominated as an honorary member and unanimously elected.

      This, on the part of the members, is a mark of the great respect which they entertain for the many high and noble qualities you possess, both as a man and a soldier.

       I am happy in my official capacity to notify you of the action of the Society and to beg permission to insert your name in the catalogue of her members.  Hoping Dear Sir that I shall receive a speedy and favorable reply, I remain Yours Respectfully

                                                                   Saml. H. Anderson

                                                                       Corresponding Secretary


                                                                         Phil. Society


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

        8 Feby >66

Saml H. Anderson

announces election

as Honorary Member

Philodemic Society

Georgetown College



Ansd 14 Feby